Wallet Mod - Upgrade and Replacement Front and Back Plates


Here you can purchase parts to modify or repair your existing Mgear wallet.

Front Plate:
Please select the material color and a cut-out design for the replacement front plate. For metal plates with various designs please proceed to this listing to combine a metal plate of your choice with this plastic base front plate: 
Please select "no logo" option on your base plastic front plate when combining with a metal plate attachment.

Multi Tool replacement:
Lost your multi tool or it was confiscated by TSA? Please follow this link for the replacements: 
Stainless Steel Multi Tool

We will provide one hex Allen key so you will be able to perform the upgrade or repair yourself. Please keep in mind that we use threadlocker on the screws that hold the wallet together, so it might me necessary to hold the nut on the other side with strong pliers.

*More options for replacement parts are coming soon. If you did not see the option to purchase the replacement part that you need here, please let us know.

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