Multi Tool Card EDC Survival

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Taking the most frequently utilized features of a multi tool, we designed our MGEAR Multi tool with the most practical applications you will ever need to carry around. Made from stainless steel, this credit card size tool is extremely functional, versatile, durable and light weight.


1. Can Opener

2. Finger Grip/ Para cord attachment

3. Box Opener

4. Protractor

5. Utility Knife Edge

6. Belt Cutter 

7. Ruler (cm & Inches)

8. 6.3 mm hex driver Slot

9. Flat Screw Driver 

10. Wing nut Wrench

Imperial Hex Wrench 

11. #4

12. #6

13. #8

14. #10

15. #12

Metric Hex Wrench

16. M3

17. M4

18. M6

Adding a finger grip hole also allows user to wrap a paracord to create similar feel and function as a knife handle.

***Please keep in mind that this multi tool is not TSA approved due to its function as a utility knife***



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