Mini Knife Magnetic Kydex Holster Carbon Edition

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The Mini Knife Magnetic Kydex Holster is designed to be as small as possible. The powerful neodymium magnet securely holds the folding mini knife which is quite sharp and only 40 millimeters in diameter. 
In our daily life testing this new product we found it to be very handy, quick and easy to use.

The belt clip is made from spring steel and has an additional stopper to make sure that it will securely stay on the belt. 

As usual, we are the users and testers of all our products and only when we are fully satisfied with the performance then we are ready to share our newest innovations with you. 

Since this is a new product in our EDC category we will be happy to accept reviews and suggestions about color/size/functions that will help us make this product better.

***The mini coin knife is included with the holster.



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