Mgear Tactical MultiBelt Desert Edition. EDC Tactical Nylon Belt With Magnetic Locking Buckle

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Minimalist MultiBelt Desert Edition.

Our newest addition to our EDC line of products is Mgear Tactical MultiBelt.
Innovative in form and function, the buckle mechanism uses strong neodymium magnets to attract and securely lock the two parts of the buckle together. The locking and releasing of the buckle is so easy and seamless that it can be done with just one hand. Despite the ease of use this system had proven itself to be very reliable during our many months of testing. The front of the buckle serves as magnetic holder to keep a small coin knife, which not just looks cool and shiny but also very sharp and handy in everyday life.

- Buckle is made from Kydex and Holstex, strong plastic used in holster making industry. More colors/patterns are coming soon
- The nylon webbing is high quality and 38mm wide, which will fit all pant loops. More colors/patterns are coming soon
- The belt size is 42 (max), you can cut it down to reduce size. Use flame to melt the edge after cutting.
- End keeper is included.
-Coin knife is included, you have a choice of two finishes - black and stainless steel white.

Since this is a new product in our EDC category we will be happy to accept reviews and suggestions about color/size/functions that will help us make this product better.



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