Brass Patriot Kryptek Kydex Edition. Minimalist Tactical Wallet

Brass Patriot Kryptek Kydex Edition. Minimalist Tactical Wallet With Multitool and Steampunk Style Brass RFID Blocking Plate


Multi Wallet Brass Patriot Kryptek Kydex (Highlander) Edition
Brass Plate for Additional RFID Protection
Multi tool included

This new premium multiwallet model has a real brass highly detailed steampunk style front plate featuring the American Flag. This decorative plate also works as an additional RFID blocking shield. The brass is not coated and will develop a beautiful patina over time.

The recommended optimal number of cards this wallet can hold is 5. We just introduced a capacity expansion kit that will increase the amount of cards to 8. If you purchase the expansion kit with this wallet we will pre-install it so you don't have to. Please follow this link for more details: Hi-CAP MOD. Wallet Capacity Extension Modification Kit  

Precision cut from military grade plastic that is both tough and resistant to the environment - Kydex. Assembled with stainless steel screws and chemically welded for increased toughness.
We are the users and testers of our wallets, each new model before it appears here is tested for an extended time by multiple people. This is how we ensure that our product meets your expectations so you can enjoy it as much as we do.

***Please note, in case when we will include the large multi tool with this wallet, it is unbranded and may not be the exact same one as on the picture.

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