Baby & Pet IP Camera 1080HD

Shared by Kv***L 

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This camera comes can come with memory card, the estimate recording duration is listed below:

None Memory Card: using cloud saving for a temporary record.

8GB Card: 2 Days

16GB Card: 5 Days

32GB Card: 10 Days

64GB Card: 20 Days 



  • Downloadable APP "Yoosee"
  • Wireless
  • 1080 HD
  • Two Way Audio
  • TF Storage
  • Pan / Tilt
  • Fast Configure
  • Stable Server
  • Functional Enhancement
  • Bugs Away
  • Two Colour Available


Kv***L's notes: 

"This IP camera can wear a customized jacket on the camera's body, it looks like a snowman. 

It supports wireless, and can do the 2 way audio, awesome tool for monitor those little creatures (pets) at home :D whenever you are away. 

The monitor view can be moved by touching the phone screen, so you will have a better view.

The setup is a little tricky, it does not support 5G wifi but you can disable the 5G first and recover it after the setup is completed. 

Put it away from your private spot, otherwise your parents may use it to monitor you..."



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