Sell To China


  1. Customers purchase products on Emwoah website
  2. We will forward customers’ requested products to our professional buyers
  3. Canadian local buyers will shop for our customers’ requested products and bring to the express
  4. The primary information will be updated, and the shipment tracking will be created within three business days
  5. The products will be shipped and, on its way,
  6. We will do the duty clearance
  7. Customers can track the shipment on WeChat, or on given website, we will use 4PX GRID and Chinese local express services after products are arrived in China
  8. Delivered



  1. This package of services included:
    1. Shopping
    2. Packaging
    3. Shipping
    4. Insurance
    5. Duty Clearance
    6. Delivery
  2. Customers can cancel requests anytime before the shipment is created and have full refund
  3. If our buyers cannot create shipment tracking within three business days, our customers will have full refunds
  4. There will be no refund or return once the shipment has been shipped
  5. If our customers cannot receive their purchased products, please contact us or contact the shipping services, if any insurance covered accident occurred, we can refund our customers the insured loss.

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