Airgear. Adjustable Leather Face Mask with Replaceable Filter Media.

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Developed as the functional alternative to combat the shortage of personal protective gear during the pandemic.

This protective face mask is made from genuine leather and designed to ergonomically conform to a person's face to create as best air seal as possible, making it useful to be worn in dusty and other potentially hazardous environments. The replaceable air filtration media fabric can be folded and inserted inside the mask as shown on the instructions image.

Please note, the effectiveness of air filtration will depend on the filtration media, N95 level "meltblown" 1 ~ 2 μm fabric with up to 4 layers. Recommended filter life is 2 hours, after which the filter media should be replaced.  Can filter only particulate contaminants and not suitable for filtering VOCs and smells, activated carbon filter media inserts can only reduce smells if used.


- Genuine precision laser cut and hand stitched leather
- Kydex hardware
- Adjustable and comfortable elastic head straps
- 3 pieces of starter (blue) filter media is included



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